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‘Core of Knowledge’ Laser User – Level 4

Laser safety

The ‘Core of Knowledge’ Laser User course is a Level 4 ‘foundation’ course that is the vital first step to complete before attempting to work with laser and intense pulsed light (IPL) radiation. It will describe the key features of laser IPL radiation, the electromagnetic spectrum, key technical terms, major tissue chromophores, tissue interaction with light, the suitability of different wavelengths for skin treatments and will also cover hazards and risks and safety policies and procedures. Note: This course has been re-designated from level 3.
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‘Core of Knowledge’ Laser Protection Supervisor / LSO – Level 5

Laser safety

The ‘Core of Knowledge’ Laser Safety Officer course is for an advanced learner seeking Level 5 certification in radiation safety and will be typically the Laser Safety Supervisor / Laser Safety Officer (LSO) appointed to manage overall safety of equipment, users and other persons present in the Laser Controlled Area where lasers and intense light devices are installed to provide professional treatments to clients or patients. Note: This course has been re-designated from level 4.
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Light Based Hair Reduction Level 3

Laser safety

This beginners course provides you with a fundamental understanding of light-based hair reduction using laser and intense pulsed light (IPL) technology covering skin and hair anatomy and physiology, hair interaction with light based therapy and hair removal application.
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Light Based Hair Reduction – Level 4

Laser safety

This advanced learner Level 4 certificated course requires both deeper theoretical knowledge and occupational application of learning including the completion of case studies, mandatory and elective tasks for external assessment.
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I found the course very straight forward and easy to navigate. The information is well laid out and interesting. Every module creates an inner confidence and I was so pleased to have achieved my certificate. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to gain this qualification. I have also put 2 members of staff on the course.
Natalie Godefroy
It was the very first time that I did a course online and was rather daunted by the process. I did not need to worry... the whole process was explained very clearly and was easy to follow from beginning to end. I would not hesitate to recommend Online Training Ltd...