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Levels 3, 4 and 5 awards
Independently accredited
and quality assured
Recognised by leading insurers
Meets current
regulations and
Developed by laser
safety experts

The ‘Core of Knowledge’ Laser User course is a Level 4 ‘foundation’ course that is the vital first step to complete before attempting to work with laser and intense pulsed light (IPL) radiation.

It will describe the key features of laser IPL radiation, the electromagnetic spectrum, key technical terms, major tissue chromophores, tissue interaction with light, the suitability of different wavelengths for skin treatments and will also cover hazards and risks and safety policies and procedures. Note: This course has been re-designated from level 3.

Course fee: £135

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The ‘Core of Knowledge’ Laser Safety Officer course is for an advanced learner seeking Level 5 certification in radiation safety and will be typically the Laser Safety Supervisor / Laser Safety Officer (LSO).

This person is appointed to manage overall safety of equipment, users and other persons present in the Laser Controlled Area where lasers and intense light IPL devices are installed to provide professional treatments to clients or patients. Note: This course has been re-designated from level 4.

Course fee: £295

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Light-based hair reduction

This advanced course comprises four bitesize modules, each competitively priced, allowing you to progress steadily through Level 3 and Level 4 knowledge content at your own pace without a burdensome up-front cost. It provides you with a fundamental understanding of Skin & Hair Anatomy and Physiology, Reactions to Laser and IPL Therapy and Application Theory before progressing on to complete case studies and practical assessment. All learners successfully completing all three theory modules will receive Level 3 certification from OCN Credit4Learning. Level 4 certification is only achieved upon completion of all four modules.

Course fee: starting from £99

The full Level 4 course is not yet available for people who do not have access to a laser or IPL to complete the practical work.


  • Level 4 Core of Knowledge Laser User or equivalent recognised certification course, and
  • NVQ Level 2/3 Beauty Therapy Certificate or equivalent recognised certification course
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