‘Core of Knowledge’ Laser Protection Supervisor / LSO—Level 5

This more advanced course is intended for experienced laser / IPL operators who are responsible for supervision of all light-based devices in the establishment. The entire Level 5 module is divided into the same four units as the Level 4 course with strengthened Assessment Criteria and Assessment Evidence.

It is a legal obligation in some UK jurisdictions (e.g. Wales & N.I.) and in some states of Australia, that a Laser Protection Supervisor (LPS) / Laser Safety officer (LSO) is appointed. This role involves application of knowledge in a broad range of professional and technical work activities with a substantial degree of personal responsibility and working autonomy. Responsibility for the work of others and the allocation of resources is often present.

A deeper understanding of the content of the Laser User Core of Knowledge training video and workbooks is required to answer the more challenging multiple-choice assessments at the end of each section. Additional downloadable workbook material is also provided to assist you with independent study and critical assessment of laser safety requirements in your establishment.

You will be required to provide evidence of completion of a recognised Core of Knowledge / Laser User course (either completion of the Online Laser Training Laser User course or a scanned copy of a recognized Core of Knowledge / Laser User course completed within the preceding three years. In addition, you will submit a developed set of Local Rules or Working Rules / Radiation Protection Plan (in AUS/NZ) for the specific device(s) used in the learner’s establishment, complete a choice of four independent written tasks from a list of possible tasks and a randomly selected written Assignment by Online Laser Training.

The learning outcome is an independently accredited, nationally recognized, Level 5 Award to the named student.

This online course is worth 6 CPD learning credits (UK) or 6 CEU’s and 36 CPD points (Australia & New Zealand) which is equivalent to a notional 60 hrs of learning. Typically, the course is expected to take 3 – 4 weeks to complete depending on the practical experience of the learner and time allocated.

INCLUDED FEATURESHamilton Fraser approved courseBritish Medical Laser Association (BMLA)

  • Advanced course for experienced laser or intense light source users
  • Intended for Laser Safety Supervisors / LSOs
  • Additional resource workbook
  • Enhanced multiple choice assessments at the end of each of the four units
  • Provisional certificate provided instantly online
  • Independently issued Level 5 accreditation by OCN Credit4Learning follows by post
  • CPD Accredited Course 100327960 CPD learning credits

NB. You must take the Laser User course before attempting the Laser Safety Supervisor (LSO) course. Both diplomas use the same student resource course material and presentation but the assessments for the Laser Safety Supervisor assessment are longer and more challenging.