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Laser safety

Introducing the Online Laser Training distance-learning course as a ‘Core of Knowledge’ (CoK) training module to provide you with a fundamental understanding of laser and light technology, how light interacts with skin to produce specific biological effects and how to use laser and intense pulsed light (IPL) safely. It also covers relevant standards and regulations governing their use in a professional setting in different jurisdictions.

It is a legal obligation in some UK jurisdictions (Wales & N.I.) and in some states of Australia that a ‘Core of Knowledge’ course from a recognised or approved trainer is provided as a requirement of registration and/or licencing.

The training video will be provided for you to study the course materials in detail (i.e. workbooks) and complete the online multiple-choice assessments at the end of each section.

The learning outcome is an independently accredited, nationally recognised, Level 4 Award to the named student.

This online course is worth 30 CPD learning credits (UK) which is equivalent to a notional 30 hours of learning and 18 CPD points (Australia & New Zealand). Typically, the course takes 2 – 5 days to complete, with a four week maximum duration.



Hamilton Fraser approved courseBritish Medical Laser Association (BMLA)

  • Basic ‘must have’ course for new laser or intense light source users
  • Student resource workbook
  • Multiple choice assessments at the end of each of the four units
  • Certificate provided instantly online
  • 30 CPD learning credits



Laser Physics & Safety—Core of Knowledge—Level 3 (US)

This is a special version exclusively for U.S. aestheticians, electrologists, technicians, cosmetologists, nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, doctors and other personnel covering relevant standards, regulations and OSHA guidelines governing laser and IPL use in professional settings in the United States. In addition to the CPD accreditation, learners will also receive 12 Contact Hours from AestheticMed Consulting International LLC, a recognized California Board of Registered Nursing provider #16575. Typical completion times are 2 – 5 days, with a maximum 4 week duration.


  • Essential course for new laser or intense light source users
  • Multiple module Power Point Presentations with instructional narrative
  • Student resource workbooks and transcript
  • Multiple choice assessments at the end of each of the four units
  • Provisional certificate provided instantly online
  • Independently issued Level 3 accreditation by OCN Credit4Learning follows by post
  • Awarded 3 CPD credits
  • 12 Contact Hours from recognized California Board of Registered Nursing provider.


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